Zero One: 10 Line-of-Business Tech Buyers

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on May 25, 2017

Great and timely article. With the move of many tech platforms to "the cloud", technology standards compliance and CIO vetting of new tech platforms are definitely less important than they used to be. CIO's will still have a strong say /veto regarding security, but the fact that few business organizations care about being on "the latest version" as much as the focus is now on how technology investments drive Business Outcomes.

And Business outcomes are owned by department heads of the LOB's. Learning how adapt the value prop of a tech platform to tie into the KPI's for a VP of Sales & Marketing, COO, Director of Professional Services/Customer Support and CFO are key.

The next key issue would be how to drive "user adoption" of the new tech platforms, because ultimately that determines the success or failure of achieving business outcomes and tech investment ROI.

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