Network solution provider Saisei is offering its FlowCommand network performance enforcement (NPE) solution in Hewlett-Packard's (HPQ) SDN App Store, which will allow users to gain real-time visibility and flow control on their SDN networks.

The solution is designed to help HP enterprise customers speed up their cloud deployments, double network capacity and stop security attacks and application crashes, according to the company. Seisei said FlowCommand will also allow companies to run their networks at more than 95 percent capacity by eliminating TCP/IP requirements for data queuing, meaning enterprises can squeeze more performance out of their existing bandwidth.

“FlowCommand adds a completely new perspective to the HP SDN App Store and for companies deploying SDN,” said Bill Beckett, Saisei founder and chief strategy officer, in a statement. “FlowCommand sees every micro-flow that touches a network and can publish this flow information to HP’s SDN controller, enabling these networks to universally control all network traffic.”

FlowCommand will also allow enterprises to protect business-critical flows by creating separate tiers, according to Seisei. The company expects its mix of increased bandwidth and guided user flows to significantly reduce the number of user complaints due to network security and overload conditions.

Saisei unveiled its FlowCommand app during HP Discover in Barcelona earlier this week. The company also announced that it has joined the global HP AllianceOne partner program.

“We’re excited to be working with HP; they clearly understand that only revolutionary networking technology will solve the challenges customers face in moving to SDN, cloud computing and mobility,” said Beckett.