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Based in Silicon Valley, Tom Kaneshige writes the Zero One blog covering digital transformation, big data, AI, marketing tech and the Internet of Things for line-of-business executives. You can reach him at 


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Wooing customers in the digital world is a lot like getting them to the gym, Cisco executives say.
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Digital’s hard returns on investment open doors, but a better customer experience closes the deal, a truck repair company learned.
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Logicalis jump-started sales growth by standing up a group of business solution consultants.
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Too many companies falsely claim their employees prioritize the customer experience.
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Upending old ways will cause some people to push back, Pitney Bowes learned.
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Thanks to mobile cameras and social networks, customers wield tremendous power over who they should be giving their money to and how they want to be treated – which United is learning the hard way.
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Pitney Bowes has built a portfolio of location-based data products that help companies make better business decisions.
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Only a couple years ago, marketers trumpeted “mobile first.” But before they completed the mission, their attention shifted toward other shiny objects.
5 IoT Trends
5 Supercharged IoT Trends and What to Do About Them
2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the Internet of Things, says an Ovum analyst. Here's how to take advantage of the most important IoT trends.


Zero One: Betting on Big Data
April 14, 2017

Fixed. Thanks for flagging.

Zero One: United Airlines Puts Customer Experience to the Test
April 12, 2017

That's a great point, and I should have included the fact that the girls weren't paying customers and thus have special restrictions. Nevertheless, United should have learned...