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Based in Silicon Valley, Tom Kaneshige writes the Zero One blog covering digital transformation, big data, AI, marketing tech and the Internet of Things for line-of-business executives. You can reach him at 


Zero One: Falling in Love with the Customer Experience
A great customer experience stirs feelings of joy, excitement and delight, while a bad one evokes anger, disgust and mistrust.
Zero One: B2B Sales Forces Face Disruption 1
Learn how GE, Cisco and IBM are transforming their sales operations to compete in a digital world.
Zero One: Got Digital Talent? Probably Not
In the new digital reality, every company must be a software company. But most can’t recruit the right talent and will look to local channel partners for help.
Zero One: Why Can’t Companies Get Culture Right? 2
When it comes to corporate culture, it’s best to think globally but act locally.
Zero One: Can the CIO Change IT’s Bad Rep?
The IT performance review by business peers is in, and it’s not pretty, says McKinsey.
Zero One: Digital Transformation Leaders vs. Laggards
Only 3 percent of companies have gone enterprise-wide with their digital transformation efforts, SAP says. Are you one of them?
Zero One: Getting IT to Think About the Customer Experience
If CIOs and channel partners can’t get along with CX teams, they risk being replaced.
Zero One: Digital Transformation Isn’t Going Well
Many companies have tripped on the road to digital transformation. Can channel partners pick them up?
Zero One: Will CMOs Seize the Reins of Customer Experience? 2
Many companies will compete mostly on customer experience, and the CMO is well-positioned to lead the charge.
Zero One: Can AI’s Black Box Be Trusted?
The fast-evolution of AI poses many dangers, especially when the software makes unexplainable decisions.
Zero One: 7 Sci-Fi Robots in the Real World
See how life imitates art in the world of robots.
Zero One: Robotics, AI in Channel’s Future
Millions of job losses loom, but channel partners can take advantage of this tale of woe.
Zero One: Will AI Boost Profits?
An Accenture study suggests AI will improve balance sheets across industries but also create workforce angst.
Zero One: Internet-of-Things Channel Playbook
It’s game time for the Internet of Things, and channel players better have a winning strategy.
Zero One: Tech Data’s Big Bet on Internet of Things
Zero One: Tech Data’s Big Bet on Internet of Things
Stitching together simpler “smart city” solutions and training channel partners on selling them may be the future of distribution.


Zero One: Why Can’t Companies Get Culture Right?
August 3, 2017

Your post was great, James. It really got me thinking about local culture. Thanks!

Zero One: Will CMOs Seize the Reins of Customer Experience?
July 19, 2017

Chief Marketing Officer, a big buyer of tech. In fact, Gartner says the CMO tech budget will surpass the CIO's this year.

Zero One: Betting on Big Data
April 14, 2017

Fixed. Thanks for flagging.

Zero One: United Airlines Puts Customer Experience to the Test
April 12, 2017

That's a great point, and I should have included the fact that the girls weren't paying customers and thus have special restrictions. Nevertheless, United should have learned...