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Kris Blackmon is the Editor-in-Chief of The VAR Guy. She is responsible for the overall editorial direction of brand, and plays a key role in Penton Technology's annual Channel Directions Live conference, webinars, videos and podcasts. She is based in Dallas, Texas, and can be reached at



Here's the One Trait that is Key to Channel Success
To understand the journey that led Tony Winter to the channel, we have to travel back in time to the early 1970s.
7 Tips to Have a More Productive Workday
All too often, we reach the end of the workday and feel frustrated at all we didn't get done. From avalanches of email to endless (often pointless) meetings to the arduous process of making decisions "by committee," the modern workplace can feel like it's designed to keep you from checking things off of your to-do list.
Why Liberal Arts Majors May Take Over the Tech World 2
We talk a lot about the rapid pace of change in the tech industry, and how it’s resulting in a skills gap that will be challenging for next-gen workforces to overcome.
Lessons for the Channel in IBM's $128M Judgment
If you think Monday's court ruling that IBM owes the state of Indiana a whopping $128 million in damages is the end of a long and tired saga, think again.
CompTIA: Tech Employment Booms, Telecom Jobs Fizzle
The “as-a-service” revolution continues to fuel job growth in the IT services and custom software markets, says a recent report from industry association CompTIA.
Progress Channel Chief on How IoT is Fueling the Rise of the 'New' Channel
When Yogesh Gupta joined Progress Software as its CEO last October, he began to steer the company toward a cognitive, Internet of Things-centric model.
Mitel Acquires ShoreTel, Strengthens Foothold in UCaaS Market
To compete with born-in-the-cloud providers, traditional on-premise vendors are looking for fast routes to larger market share. Such is likely the case with Mitel’s decision yesterday to buy ShoreTel for $430 million.
Partners in Transformation: How One Texas Couple is Navigating the Transition to Services
Last year, Angel and Nancy Sabino took a deep breath and made the jump from a break fix model to managed services.
Latest CompTIA Study Highlights Channel Opportunities in the Skills Gap
The IT skills gap is a growing concern for organizations in just about every industry as rapid innovation results in technology becoming a core strategy for business growth.
Citrix Channel Chief: The Past Holds Lessons for Partners
Craig Stilwell started his career at Citrix in 2000, when a huge portion of the company’s business was pallets of shrink-wrapped software CDs, and a big part of his job was just managing inventory sitting in distribution.
Leaders in Digital Transformation Have These Traits in Common
What characteristics do leaders in digital transformation have in common? A new study by open-source provider Alfresco Software and Forbes Insights aims to find out what separates the winners from the losers in the digital economy.
New Portal Aimed at 'New Channel,' Eases Partnership Between ISVs and MSPs
Jim Sweeney used to joke with his salespeople that they only knew three questions: how many processors do you need, how much RAM do you need and how many discs do you need? Then came the cloud.
Dell's Cheryl Cook: Despite a 'Few Hiccups,' First Quarter of Integrated Channel Program a Success
Last week’s quarterly results certainly gave Dell Technologies a lot to be happy about.
9 Tips for (Re)discovering Your Customer & Building a Successful Business Model
As cloud-based services and shrinking hardware margins continue to push evolution in the channel, many legacy partners are rethinking their business models, and new entrants are being creative in how they structure their company.
When Partners Need a Partner: 3 Things to Remember when Outsourcing Business Functions
As a channel partner, you're used to serving as an extension of your customers. Clients come to you either to supplement their IT team or to serve as an external IT department.